Folk to Folk

is an independent documentary project exploring how the inclusive spirit of folk music helps build communities and creates accessible, participatory spaces across America today. Through a combination of words, photography, audio recording, video, and online media, we've set out to explore different scenes across the country. We want to share what folk means to those who keep it alive, revive and reclaim it to fit their own personal and communal definitions.

Please get in touch with thoughts, ideas or recommendations for this project at We value all participation and interaction.

Who We Are

We are a scrappy outfit comprised of three graduates of Boston University's journalism program who share a love for music, caffeine, multimedia storytelling, and spontaneous road trips. More specifically, we are...

Endless thanks to Carla Astudillo & Marie McGwier for web development, Mike Laderman, Miles Coe & Jake Yuhas for making things sound better, Teresa Lamb for the Bertha the Car icon, everyone who took time to speak with us and let us sleep on their floors and of course, our Kickstarter backers.